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Shirt-Tail Special

This holster allows a shirt to be tucked over an inside-pants holster.  The holster belt-loop can be disguised by an accessory on the outside of the shirt.  Rough sides help to stabilize holster in pants and keeps shirttail tucked in.

Shirttail is tucked in between holster and belt loop. 

Standard Features

  • The holster is made of high-quality cowhide with rough side of leather out and smooth side in
  • The holster adjusts for rear rake or straight drop and high or low carry.
  • Interchangeable belt loops available for up to 1 3/4″ belts.

Available Accessories

  • Key chain loop
  • Cell phone loop
  • Leatherman or similar all-purpose tool pouch
  • MagLite or similar flashlight pouch
  • Plain loop


DescriptionSKU #Price
Shirt-tail special holster (right-hand)STSH-RH88.00
Shirt-tail special holster (left-hand)STSH-LH88.00
Shirt-tail key chain loopSTSH-KEY12.00
Shirt-tail cell phone loopSTSH-CELL12.00
Shirt-tail tool pouchSTSH-TOOL15.00
Shirt-tail flashlight pouchSTSH-LIGHT15.00
Shirt-tail plain loopSTSH-LOOP8.00

Supported Models

P-12, P-13, P-14
Glock17, 19, 20
21, 22, 23
26, 27, 29, 30
33, 37
KahrPM9, PM40
MK9, MK40
P9, K40

Shirttail Special

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